Food is our common ground,a universal experience. – James Beard I have craved Japanese ramen ever since I tasted it, the flavorful broth, soft boiled egg and a juicy piece of meat. Everything about this meal hits every taste bud just right, unfortunately, all my American finds didn’t follow me back home. A trip to … Continue reading MESHIAGARE!


“How wild it was, to let it be.”  – Cheryl Strayed. Ever since I was a little girl, books have always been my favorite thing. When you read as frequently as I do, once in a few dozen books you find one that alters your reality. It changes your views and you find yourself struggling … Continue reading W I L D


“…the skyline is etched in my veins You can never put that out, no matter how hard it rains…” – Macklemore/ The Town We met under dark skies, her skyline illuminating my path.   She was a mystery and I was born curious. I found myself desperate to know her secrets, the treasures she’s hiding between … Continue reading SEATTLE.