Why Network Marketing?

By its very nature and design, network marketing is a strikingly fair, democratic, socially responsible system of generating wealth. Robert Kiyosaki If you’ve been on my social media over the last two weeks you will have noticed a sudden change, something one would probably not have imagined me to be involved in. NETWORK MARKETING! IContinue reading “Why Network Marketing?”

NuSkin AgeLOC LumiSpa: Review

“Experience brighter, softer, smoother looking skin and an energising facial massage. Simply spend two minutes twice a day to enjoy healthier, youthful looking skin in as little as two weeks.” Nu Skin on the AgeLOC LumiSpa Cleansing brushes are the talk of the town & have been for a number of years – but notContinue reading “NuSkin AgeLOC LumiSpa: Review”

Beauty Fix While You Sleep

It’s not hoarding if it’s skincare. Unknown If you haven’t heard of K-beauty, do you live under a rock? Ok, that’s mean but really this incredible innovative skincare fad has swept the world by a storm and have us all pining for every essence, serum, lotion, sheet mask, and SLEEP MASK!!!! Avon released a bunchContinue reading “Beauty Fix While You Sleep”