Trust the magic of new beginnings.

Happy New Year.

This isn’t my regular posting method, waiting for the entire month to go by before adding my thoughts on the new year but I chose a different approach for 2021.

Last year was mayhem and of course, if you thought 2021 would miraculously be different you were mistaken but that’s okay because, like many of us, you were taught unexpected lessons last year, and if you haven’t realized yet: you have the upper hand in 2021.

I decided that I would start my year setting the foundation for how I want it to look, so I took the month to prepare myself, setting the tone for how I would accomplish goals and to prioritize which goals are time-sensitive. There isn’t anything better than knowing what you’re working for and towards.

If you’re Christian, you will understand the principal of first fruits, so I took the month of January to sow my 2021 seeds and I know that in the months to come those seeds will grow into an extremely beautiful garden of success, prosperity, blessings and all the things I spent this month praying for.

This year won’t be easy, but only you have the ability to control how you react to it… be strong in your faith, be intentional with your thoughts and actions, and most importantly, be kind.

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