My 5 favorite apps right now

Mobile apps are among the best forms of performance support available today.


Over the last couple of months, I’ve been on my phone constantly, creating Instagram highlights, editing videos and photos, creating attractive Instagram stories for my new network marketing business, the list goes on. As most of you know, growing a successful platform isn’t just about creating great content but to create a feed that is aesthetically pleasing to the person visiting your profile so I am constantly searching and downloading new apps to help me maintain my social aesthetic and I’ve found some that I use consistently because of how simple they are and how much they have to offer.



I am obsessed with Canva, from preloaded templates to being able to create your posters and ads. There isn’t a lot to hate from an app that has everything you’d possibly need to make your social media look beautiful and IT’S FREE. I’ve used this app to create story highlights, digital business cards and posters for my blog posts.



I’ve recently started doing videos on my Instagram and I found this app amongst many other video editing apps to be the less complicated one. This is the app I use to compress and speed up my videos to the Instagram Reel time limit, I can add filters to my videos, do voice overs and add text. However you’ll find yourself paying a subscription depending on how long you want to keep the premium features active.



Clay is a recent download of mine. If your social media theme is more of a neutral color scheme this is the app for you, also offering a subscription to unlock their layouts but you definitely wouldn’t be disappointed. All of the templates I’ve seen are gorgeous.



Another favorite of mine, similar to Canva but with more fonts. Offering many editing options as well as templates for the many different social media accounts you may have. Although there are many templates only accessed through their subscription, it doesn’t hurt to have a back up when your other apps aren’t providing you with a beautiful story template.


Stories Edit by Planoly

Ever heard of the Instagram content planner and scheduler called Planoly? Well this story template app was created by them and majority of it is free and GORGEOUS. If you’re looking for a feminine touch to your stories, this is where you’ll find those delicate templates full of soft colors and sweet patterns.

What are some of your favorite apps to create a beautiful layout on your social media pages? Comment below

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