Why Network Marketing?

By its very nature and design, network marketing is a strikingly fair, democratic, socially responsible system of generating wealth.

Robert Kiyosaki

If you’ve been on my social media over the last two weeks you will have noticed a sudden change, something one would probably not have imagined me to be involved in. NETWORK MARKETING!

I feel like you either love the concept or you hate it but from my own recent experience, I’ve realized that we all have a wild misconception of what network marketing entails. Let’s bear in mind that I’m only two weeks into this but I’ve toggled with this for over a year – at some point, you either get extremely curious but ignore it because of fear or you begin to seek the same form of financial freedom many have achieved through this taboo phenomenon. I happened to experience both of these all at once during the lockdown as I sat home all day on social media worrying over the future of my not so certain career path.

I began to come across accounts on instagram of these gorgeous young women who chose to fight for a life I had only been imagining in between pandemic blues. I chose to take a chance on my potential and my love for women empowerment and partnered with a brand who has not only helped thousands of women build a business that allows them financial freedom and independence but a brand that prides themselves on delivering the most effective skincare products and devices.

Still a little sceptic about network marketing? You’re more exposed to it than you actually think… how many bloggers and influencers do you follow on social media and how many products have they advertised and offered a discount code on? What about your starbucks order you posted this morning? How many of your followers responded something along the lines of “OMG what’s in there? I’m getting this next.” or the many times you’ve posted about your favorite makeup brand and recommended that your followers try their new mascaras? Now imagine using a product you love and recommending it to your followers and earning a profit from doing JUST THAT?

Here are a few reasons why you need to jump on the NETWORK MARKETING train:


The best thing about running a business purely online is the fact that you aren’t paying for rent, you don’t necessarily need to carry inventory or buy insurance like you would if you had an actual store. Network marketing businesses require no skills or degrees, and you leverage of the company’s products and their website.


Unlike your 9 to 5 where you typically get paid for the work you do or the hours you put in but with network marketing, you get paid long after you’ve done the work. For instance, in my business, you buy a product from me and in a month you may want to add on to your product or replace something, or you’d maybe want to restock so you come back to me and I didn’t do anything to prompt it except sell you something once.


In these trying times who doesn’t want to have a contingency plan in the instance where the unexpected happens. During this pandemic, how many people lost jobs or are unable to find one? So it honestly doesn’t hurt to have a backup plan and why not have one that is so easy to do, one that fits into any schedule and doesn’t demand all your time. You put in what you want to get out.


Unlike your corporate salary, there honestly is no limit to how much you can make with network marketing. If you develop a knack for this type of business you could potentially find yourself living a life you’ve dreamed of in no time at all, it all depends on how much time you put in and how consistent you are.


Anyone else gets frustrated waking up to sit at the same desk, with the same view and the same people around you? Same. I think this was my favorite thing about network marketing is the ability I have to work whenever and wherever without having to miss the opportunity to live my best life – not only is time not an issue but your business is not usually limited to a specific geographical location, you can build a global business in the comfort of your bed or in between coffee dates and shopping sprees.

I hope, like me, having some information on this makes you rethink the negative notion accompanied when hearing the words ’network marketing’.

If you want to give it a try and learn how to grow a global online business that will give you financial freedom – reach out to me via

EMAIL: itsbyankur@gmail.com


WHATSAPP: ‪+27 73 189 4532‬

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