Bollywood Versus Nepotism

Nepotism |noun|

Favoritism shown to relatives or close friends by those in power.

If you’re a Bollywood supporter and have been keeping up to date with the chaos going on regarding nepotism. I’m not going to rant about how much I think it’s ridiculous to boycott really amazing films with really great acting because the lead is a product of nepotism. I do believe that nepotism is very present but I also believe that these “Nepobabies” gain success by people genuinely enjoying their work. I do have favorites in Bollywood and some of them come from “royal” Bollywood families but I also critic each one on their performance and not on who their parents are… like seriously.

It really is fair to say that if you’re born into a family in the industry, there’s about an 90% chance you’d want to be apart of that world too… Here are some Bollywood actors that are products of nepotism and the films they performed amazing in:

Alia Bhatt – One of my all time favorites, not only is her dad a big time director, producer and screenwriter but her “godfather” in the industry is the famous Karan Johar. Her debut, film Student of the year, was enjoyable but her acting was mediocre. She’s come a really long way in her craft and deserves the platform she may have attained through her famous family. WATCH: Dear Zindagi*, Highway*, and for a laugh Shaandar*.

Hrithik Roshan – if you don’t know this heartthrob you need to brush up on your Bollywood. His father Rakesh Roshan directed Hrithik’s debut film and he shot to fame ever since. There are so many movies that he has been so amazing in and his dancing is even better! WATCH: Main Prem ki diwani hoon, Guzaarish*, and Dhoom 2

Sonam Kapoor – The unfiltered chatterbox of the industry isn’t a crowd favorite, most of her movies haven’t done exceptionally well but they’ve always been fun to watch. She’s always playing the talkative, quirky one but I wouldn’t have it any other way. WATCH: Dolly Ki Doli, I Hate Luv Storys* and if you’re looking for something with a little more depth, the true story Neerja.

Ranbir Kapoor – Another one from the Kapoor clan, having many family members in the industry I think it was inevitable he decided to be apart of it too. Besides his good looks, Ranbir is known for his fluid dancing and his unique portrayal of his characters. WATCH: Bachna ae haseeno, Rockstar, Sanju*, and my favorite Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

Saif Ali Khan – despite the fact that his daughter Sara would get more of the nepotism backlash, Saif is in fact a product of nepotism with an actress mom and now married to another nepo star – Kareena Kapoor. No one ever mentions this fact because his acting speaks volumes. He has been in the industry for a long time and has the movies to back up his successful career. WATCH: Cocktail, Salaam Namaste, Race 2*, Phantom* and Hum Tum.

Shahid Kapoor – although he holds the Kapoor name, he isn’t put up as a flag bearer of nepotism but he in fact comes from parents who are actors. He is a versatile actor and despite his limited success is wildly loved by everyone for his wit and humor in his movies. WATCH: Vivah*, Kismat Konnection*, Udta Punjab*, and Kabir Singh*

Those really are just very few actors who stem from famous families, and it really shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that the kids choose the same path as their parents. In an industry like that, it’s us, the fans, that make or break success. If you don’t like a film, you give it a negative review and criticize the acting whether they are nepobabies or not – my honest opinion: IF YOU DO NOT LIKE MOVIES THAT HAVE NEPOBABIES, DO NOT WATCH IT JUST TO COMPLAIN. Or give credit where it is due, some of these very talented “Nepobabies” are being categorized as untalented and undeserving of something they are good at and work hard to achieve. Grow up people.

Give these movies a watch and let me know how you feel about their presence in the industry, do they deserve the spotlight afforded to them by their connections in the industry?

What are your thoughts on nepotism? Does it exist in your industry?

* movies on Netflix

I am in no way disrespecting or disregarding the situation in Bollywood right now, these are just my opinions. My view on this is strongly based on being a brown girl and a huge fan of the industry.

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