Beauty Fix While You Sleep

It’s not hoarding if it’s skincare.


If you haven’t heard of K-beauty, do you live under a rock? Ok, that’s mean but really this incredible innovative skincare fad has swept the world by a storm and have us all pining for every essence, serum, lotion, sheet mask, and SLEEP MASK!!!!

Avon released a bunch of K-beauty products and of course, my heart skipped a beat. To be fair, I ordered something I didn’t actually know about, I had no idea what a sleep mask was meant to really do for my skin and the first couple days I didn’t actually know what to look out for but *ENTER GOOGLE*. According to Elle, sleep masks are used to repair and replenish your skin overnight and without any effort on your part. I think the main purpose of a sleep mask is to fix the lack of hydration your skin may have suffered throughout the day/week.

My skincare routine has been a lot more important to me recently, I grew up with really patchy dry skin due to my eczema, and to hide those problems I would cake on foundation and just never really washed any of it off till the next morning. When I got a job that required me to have a full face every day something really had to change to ensure my skin didn’t suffer. There are so many affordable skincare products out there to help you keep your skin glowing and healthy – like Avon. I’ve been using them for years, from their makeup to their skin care range, at affordable prices you get some really great quality products.

After a week of the Golden Mushroom Sleep Mask would I recommend it to others? YES. I toggled between a few night time routines to see if the product would hold in any circumstance and it really did:

The first two nights I did everything, wiped off my makeup, washed my face with a cleanser, used my LumiSpa to get rid of the excess makeup, toned and moisturized as normal and then applied the mask. The moment of application my skin felt smooth and soft which I originally just blamed on all the other products I had used so I opted to skip my moisturizer the next two nights and just use the sleep mask in place of it and I still had the same feeling on my skin.

On my fifth day I was kind of lazy and suffering from a horrible toothache so I just wiped off my makeup with a wet wipe (can you say LAZY?) my skin did feel kind of gross but the sleep mask came to the rescue, leaving my face feeling fresh. Would I recommend it being used this way? NO. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t the worst feeling but if you don’t have time to do a full routine with all the fixings on your face before going to bed then skip the sleep mask for when you have the time to do EVERYTHING.

I didn’t wear any makeup on the last two days so I washed my face with a light cleanser and used the sleep mask as my moisturizer, which worked just as well as if I’d done my complete routine.

It may be a little pricey for a little container but it isn’t a product you should be using every day also adopt a mentally of your skincare being an investment. If you have really dry skin try using it twice a week otherwise just once at the end of the week, it’ll be like an end of the week treat for your skin.

Do you have any favorite K-beauty skincare products?

Hopefully Avon will bring K-beauty to their permanent skincare range.

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