“You have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love… I love… I love you.” ~ Pride & Prejudice 

Sometimes fancy dinner’s and weekends away for valentine’s day can become monotonous, and if you’re anything like Brad and me, a quiet night with snacks and a few movies lined up end up being way better than any night spent at some loud, overcrowded restaurant… also, we do date night like weekly so it seems pretty bizarre to do the same thing for a cute occasion. Sometimes thinking outside the box will get you doing something that’ll bring you closer, DIY gifts, cooking for your partner, or even cooking together… I would love to share some valentine’s DIY gift ideas but I may just ruin my own gift to Brad in the process so here are some of my favorite romantic movies you can end your night off with… either with your partner, your friends or just you and a big ol’ pint of your favorite ice cream:


The movie is pretty much a cute high school rom-com, the girl has her first kiss, girl falls for a guy she’s known her whole life, which brings friction between her best friend and herself, so it’s a whole secret relationship till everything turns south.


This one is cool because you can watch it if you’re with your partner or alone, or with some girlfriends too… It’s like a coming of age movie, but for adults. Finding love within yourself and how all the pieces somehow end up falling together at the end, AND there’s food… it’ll make you hungry, so call Domino’s and change that order to an extra-large!


I mean… who wouldn’t want to see how the story of the Obama’s unfolded, also, it’s a nice movie to watch how it all began for the Obama’s and how choosing the right partner can get you places, especially when there’s a crazy amount of love and when you’re both not afraid to push each other to where you’re both destined to be. They say behind every successful man there’s a powerful woman, I believe that works both ways, you’re supposed to help each other out on this journey – queue Drake’s Started from the bottom


This one is such a favorite of mine, it’s quirky and funny and the guys wouldn’t mind watching Mila Kunis run around in a tiny bikini and even though there’s no eye candy for you, you can always make it interesting and pout at his attraction to Mila so he gives you extra cuddles and ends up doing the dishes – you’re welcome!


Ok, this isn’t for everyone but it’s my favorite movie, but the action version… you’ll get the romance and he’ll get the zombies… No offense to Kiera Knightley but Lizzie in this version is so GORGEOUS!!!!!


I could watch this movie a million times, hello Ryan Gosling!!! Also, Emma Stone is hilarious… There so many stories in this one movie and each one is equally as crazy, and Ryan’s abs make an appearance, so you should probably watch this with your girlfriends instead of your man!


I know there’s been such a hype about this movie but I’ve watched it about 5 times already and it’s just as good each time and bonus, the sequel just released yesterday!!! Cute boy, weird girl, and some letters, it’s all so deranged but so good!


90s movies never go out of style, this is a fun girls night movie or even just something to have played in the background while you’re rocking some sheet masks and focusing on those home pedi’s, Brad actually watched this with me and I’m pretty sure he would have rather been eating chalk so maybe don’t force your partner to endure this with you!

Whatever your valentine’s day plans are, be sure to fill it with extra love, and don’t forget love is not subject to relationships with the opposite sex, give your friends and family a little extra love tomorrow too!


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