“The beginning is the most important part of the work.” – PLATO

A happy new DECADE to all of you!

A new decade, can you believe that?

I was pondering a lot this month on how we gain so much motivation every new year to get us to our future, we rush through our thoughts and come up with lists of resolutions we never see-through, we think our lives are supposed to be a certain way so we align our thoughts to only accept ideas that will keep us on that specific path we’ve convinced ourselves we are meant to be on…

Let’s discuss this for a second…

The life you told everyone you would have in high school, is that your reality?

That career you pursued solely for the paycheck, are you still content?

That major you picked, are you passionate about it?

Sometimes we go a certain way based on the present circumstance, we don’t think too much of where this path could take us and how it will affect us, we create a destination in our minds and sometimes we even reach it and don’t realize because we ran there and it isn’t anything we expected it to be, we simply just did not enjoy the journey… Sometimes if we stroll and take in the scenery, it gives us a chance to let our minds wander to possibilities we never dared to before, solely because we are constantly afraid of failing or coming out last, we go for things that ensure quick success and forget to ask ourselves is this really what I love?

Steven Furtick asked in a sermon, “why does God wait until after you have made a plan, to interrupt it?” Your purpose and your plan needs to be aligned, you can plan and plan and plan all you want but if there isn’t honesty in the path you choose if this is JUST about a paycheck or fame or just keeping up with “friends” who make your small successes feel inadequate, if this is because you’re trying to show off to your peers then LET IT GO – even those friends, they got to go.

I think about this often, I started this platform to communicate my thoughts, to share my little adventures of success and love and peace, in hopes that it will change, teach and inspire someone and along the way, I lost sight of the purpose, it became solely for views, to become an influencer but I didn’t know what I was influencing people to do… I got caught up on the many Instagram bloggers who have this great social media presence and great content, they seem to always have something to post, they dress a certain way, and have all these fancy new products but chasing that life is so unfulfilling and I was trying to be Bianca the blogger in 10 years than focusing on Bianca the blogger who’s just starting out, who’s still figuring out her own personal niche… What purpose is a platform of this magnitude if I don’t utilize it to make a difference, and how do I make a difference when I’m too busy trying to live someone else’s life? The plan did not correspond with the purpose.

So forget resolutions, my 2020 is dedicated to PURPOSE – My PERSONAL purpose, the purpose of where I am at every moment throughout the year, I believe every encounter, every obstacle, every battle has a purpose, we are fast to complain, to get angry about situations we don’t understand, but how different would life be if we only stopped to process before we react, take a look at a problem from every angle before we try to fix it, our purpose as individuals should never be selfish either, your purpose shouldn’t hinder the purpose of your neighbor, your purpose should cater for the people you encounter, pushing them into finding their purpose in hopes that you will discover your own.

All the best to you and yours

Stay kind, xoxo



Published by Bianca Emmanuel

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2 thoughts on “JANUARY, 2020

  1. Excellent write My girl … remember this according to Gods word

    “YOU can MAKE MANY PLANS , but the LORD’S PURPOSE will PREVAIL.” !
    ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭19:21 NLT
    Always remember , Cooperate humbly with HIM, being willing to give up everything that clashes with HIS PURPOSE for you. To commit your plans to the Lord means to speak to him about his plans – to make plans together with him.

    I know it’s a sermon 😁
    Love you

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  2. I certainly needed to read this blog. I enjoyed every word, I can’t definitely relate to some of the insecurities I have towards the direction I have chosen. Thank you for clearing out the b’s in the mind.

    Liked by 1 person

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