“Your driver has arrived.”

A review on Uber and Taxify services. 

Earlier this year I had the misfortune of being in an accident leaving me without a car which wouldn’t be a huge problem if my life didn’t consist of my mornings starting at 4am or the occasional 11pm knock off, urgh shifts. Apart from work, I have errands and I’m occasionally social with the limited free time I have but let’s be real, public transportation in South Africa isn’t the most reliable back up plan AT ALL when you need to be somewhere. Time is everything and public transport is possibly the most unpredictable thing in a city like mine, not to mention how unsafe it can be, especially for women.

I use Uber and Taxify daily and despite the convenience of both these platforms, not everything is perfect and some days I could rip my drivers’ head off.


Uber is one of the most popular transporting apps, I was introduced to Uber while I was still living in Seattle and the convenience was beyond amazing.

Appearance:  I love the look of Uber, it’s sleek and professional looking.

Pros: I love that I can go back to my past trips and still make a review or contact my driver; Uber has FOUR traveling options to suit your travel needs (UberX, Black, Van, and Assist) – see more info further down. You can text your driver (For those who hate calls) and the app itself has a free messaging option so there is no need to leave the app at all, it shows you when your text has been delivered and when your driver has read it. I enjoy knowing my route and how long it will take till I am at my destination, Uber tells you the distance and once your ride has begun, the app will let you know your ETA.

Cons: Uber’s cheapest ride option can be pretty expensive, long driver arrival waiting period.

Uber Ride Options: The coolest thing about Uber is the various options you have access to, when in a group no one really wants to be separated and Uber caters for it. Here’s what they offer:

  • UberX [4 Passengers]: This is the cheapest ride option (which isn’t saying much LOL)
  • Black [4 Passengers]: Premium rides in a fancy car (Date night option for the grown ups, maybe?)
  • Van [7 Passengers]: This option works so well when you have a larger group trying to get somewhere together, no one wants separate cars, imagine all the conversations, jokes and photo ops you would miss?
  • Assisted [4 Passengers]: The cost of this option is exactly the same as UberX but I love that Uber has this option, assistance from certified drivers. WIN FOR UBER!

Fare Breakdown:

UberX: Base Fare: R5; Minimum Fare: R25; +per min: R0.80; +per km: R8

Black: Base Fare: R15; Minimum Fare: R50; +per min: R1.30; +per km: R13

Van: Base Fare: R22; Minimum Fare: R75; +per min: R1.60; +per km: R16


Taxify is fairly new but works just the same as Uber with its own pros, cons and annoyances. Although most of the drivers on Taxify you may find are on Uber too, I found this out when my Taxify had a bit of a glitch and I couldn’t contact my driver so I canceled and switched over to Uber only to have the same driver pick up my ride on the Uber app.

Appearance: Ok, honestly, Taxify doesn’t look horrible. I just think that green makes the app look like a children’s game other than anything useful. It looks fun, and is pretty easy to navigate.

Pros: It is cheaper, straight to the point and I love how drivers will immediately call you to confirm your pick up location. Drivers are usually friendlier than Uber.

Cons: I’ve recently had drivers that just do not know how to use their NAV systems, after my AM shift I would honestly prefer not speaking to my driver and be confident that he will stick to the 15 mins it takes to my house and not choose to go the 25 min route – those extra 10 minutes during lunch time traffic can be hell. There is a texting option but you unfortunately cannot see if the text has been delivered or if your driver is reading your texts, which makes Uber a little more convenient. It is fairly new in the market which means you have new drivers that are not only nervous but also don’t know their way around many places, like the airport (Nothing can be more frustrating than a driver that does not know the difference between arrivals and departures). Taxify doesn’t let you know the distance between pick up and destination, which kind of frustrates me.

Recently I’ve noticed Taxify has two ride options [Taxify and Comfort] – I’m assuming it works like the UberX and Black option.

Fare Breakdown:

Taxify [4 Passengers]: Min Price: R20; Start price: R5; Distance: R7.50/km; Time: R0.75/min; Booking Fee: 4%

Comfort [4 Passengers]:Min Price: R50; Start price: R30; Distance: R10.50/km; Time: R1.00/min; Booking Fee: 4%

Like I said, both apps work pretty much the same and the differences aren’t drastic. It honestly depends on your preferences and which app would be as cost efficient for you as an individual. I use Taxify because it’s cheaper but I like having the option of Uber as a backup – technology is known to spazz out!

Happy Traveling,


xoxo ♥

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