November, Thirty.

Female friendships that work are relationships in which women help each other belong to themselves. – Louise Bernikow

My generation of women were raised to believe that female friendship is a rare commodity, a disposable thing. We’ve fixated on male – female friendships, so much so, that the idea of settling with another woman and becoming each other’s safety is a torturous phenomenon so we’ve learnt to avoid it.

I was one of those women, seeking friendship in men because women are too catty, too conniving and swaps her loyalty to whoever she believes holds the better reward.

I was wrong.

Men are honest friends. They tell you the truth when our emotions shadow our vision but female friendship, when you find true friendship with another woman, you will know true power.

I found that in these women, and it took a birthday celebration for me to realize what a powerful force we are together but how we are a force as individuals too, through the support and structure of our bond.

I’m not one for birthday celebrations when it comes to my own, I’ve always opted for the most low-key option and spent my time alone, this year I planned on doing the same but my friends were not about to let that happen… What you need to know about us, we do not know quiet.

They were adamant on dressing up and showing up, TOGETHER.

I don’t think Casa Bella was ready for us, I don’t think any place is ever ready for us. Despite each of us rocking up way after the time we decided to meet, the moment our energies collided into each other, wild-fire began.

I spent that evening watching love pour out their mouths in the form of laughter, like bees from their chest , stories swarmed out across the table and we all listened intently, making fun of each other in the purest way. We traded secrets the same way we did food, passing one plate to the next, we fed each other physically and mentally.

To these women, thank you…

Thank you for doing life with me, thank you for being by my side, behind me and in front of me, your friendship is my safety, thank you for sharing the deepest part of your hearts with me, thank you allowing me to pour out mine and thank you for being true. 

I promise to keep making jokes, so that there’s never a day without laughter… 


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