“…the skyline is etched in my veins
You can never put that out, no matter how hard it rains…” – Macklemore/ The Town

We met under dark skies, her skyline illuminating my path.  
She was a mystery and I was born curious.
I found myself desperate to know her secrets, the treasures she’s hiding between skyscrapers and lush terrain. I was fortunate enough to explore the colors of her rainbow and learned to find solace in her grey skies. 

I was captivated by the outrageous grace in which she wore heavy clouds and the strength in her winter breeze. She was unpredictable and I was always afraid of surprises, so she picked me up and placed me in the middle of her storm, spun me around and stole my breath, she waited to see if I would turn her favorite blue before finding me worthy enough to taste her sunshine. 

She swallowed me and then spit me out into the cold, she persistently tried to push me away, introducing me to melodies of different cities but I was too in love with the sound of harsh rains against my window pane. She convinced me she was too sad to be loved, drenching me in her tears but I took a liking to the cold kisses she placed on my cheeks.

I was never the athletic type but she taught me to jump into the middle of the chaos as if it were a puddle and I was seven years old again with no care for getting drenched. I was taught to find a glimpse of sunshine behind dark clouds but to never let the dullness of a situation hinder me from conquering the day.

She is both my greatest possession and my greatest tragedy, we both knew this affair was nothing more than a fling, a short-lived romance but we fell in love, allowed access to each other as if there would never be an end, which made the end all that more fatal.

She carried lessons and I had the need to be taught, she shaped me boldly into a magical masterpiece, abstract and complex like Chihuly. She forced fear out so when the time came I could handle my own trolls and not try to hide them under bridges. 

I carry a piece of her in my heart and an emblem of our story across my arm, till we meet again… 

My love…




Published by Bianca Emmanuel

The Buzzing Adventures Of Bee - inspire and be inspired.

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