New Job…Who This?

“If you want to be successful in this world, you have to follow your passion, not a paycheck.” – Jen Welter

Hello Hive… 🐝

So much had happened last year that I had not really documented well enough, subtle hints here and there but not once acknowledging it completely… So here it is, finally, a letter of admission to you, my devoted readers haha 😛

In a country like South Africa, coming back home is a stressful thing after being abroad… Many South African au pairs will agree with me.

I have conversations with a lot of South African girls about how long should they expect to be home after returning before they can get a job, get into college or just pretty much what to do with their lives that doesn’t remind them that they are no longer on the incredible once in a lifetime journey.

When I got back, a lot of things kind of spiraled downwards in terms of the career goals and ideas I had whilst au pairing. I grew impatient with myself, second-guessed my plans for my life and this blog, I was afraid that I would never have any more adventures.

After a couple of months at home, I was given an opportunity to work for an airline as a check-in agent (CSA), not before having to go through multiple interviews to become a successful candidate, and then needing to go through the exam process, which was extremely stressful.

I went through a 6-month learnership program, three of which were done at the airport, a feel of what life would be like if I were to be offered a permanent job. I was offered a permanent position and with that, the realization that I was in this amazing industry and that meant more opportunities for myself and my blog.

The job is tiring, scary and frustrating. I had to rearrange my social life – which was pretty much nonexistent but nonetheless, it didn’t make it any easier to have to change the little socializing I once did to a minimum.

No matter how tired I get, how much rearranging I need to do, I think on some level this job will always be a blessing because I’m a step closer to where I would love to be… every now and then (actually, most of the time) I start to realize how insane this customer service job is, how difficult it’s yet to get but I’m here and I gotta stick through it till the end… success comes beyond the yelling, the strain or the sleep deprivation.

New job and new stories…

So next time you’re at O R Tambo Intl, come say hi to your girl at the check-in counters.


oxo ♥

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7 thoughts on “New Job…Who This?

  1. Super proud of you!! Always. Your reads and your ability to put words together in such a way is always captivating. I’ve always loved this.

    On to the next. And I’ll Bee right by your side.

    -Sorry it took me so long to get to.


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