The rooftop view

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning.” – T.S. Eliot


Usually most people recap the year they are leaving behind before bragging about the numerous resolutions they will be tossing over their shoulders a month into the New Year.

The memories I have of 2015 will forever be etched in my mind, and whilst most of my readers or the people I’ve told my adventures to will have them fade from their memories, I will still think of them every once in awhile – like a sweet subtle reminder of the beautiful opportunities life poured at the doorstep of my soul.

As for 2016, I am excited. I stood on the roof of an apartment building that I did not live in, thanks to my best friend Itsumi, once again I found myself in someone’s apartment whom I had never met before (it is always an adventure in the life Bee).

We had the perfect view of the Space Needle, in all its fuschia glory (thanks T-Mobile), freezing our little butts off waiting for the big bang of fireworks coloring the cold sky to welcome the New Year.


I didn’t get my midnight kiss, or hug my parents or watch my sister’s confusion as we all stare lovingly at the sky.


Once again I was entering a New Year without the people who I always thought would be by my side, a year ago I cried, but tonight, in this moment I was shaking from the cold and laughing like I had never met sadness before in my entire life.

8… 7… 6…

My heart thumping as thoughts of all the adventures awaiting me in the new year, my eyes frozen wide, gleaming with anticipation.

5… 4…


I turned around, and there was my best friend – I will love her forever, my japanese sister. Playing charades when she can’t think of what the English words are to complete her story, or taking weird selfies, talking about how we want to start a travel pact as if we were the pair of jeans in the sisterhood of the travelling pants. I think of how wherever we are in the world I will be video calling her and we will brag about our adventures that seem like such distant dreams right now.


Next to me, a Canadian Chinese guy who I had just met, a new friend, I make a lot of those. Kelly, this tall, gorgeous South African girl, she brings with her a familiarity that makes me feel lucky to be in her presence. Vlad, with his Russian charm and innocent sweetness, I like him, and I know someone else who REALLY like him too (if you know what I mean)


To the people I have tucked in the crevices of my heart for an eternity, my family,the support and the overflowing love they constantly pour into my soul, Nonnie and the fierceness she instilled in me, Savanna and the beauty of watching her become a woman, Frida my swedish pandabear and the friendship that I will cherish… This moment was for them too.

A raging, chaotic wave of pure adventure, a journey that will leave me speechless then cause me to spew adjectives rapidly in every direction. A whirlwind of emotion, laughter that twists my insides and tears that could sink a ship.

I don’t think you can ever be ready for what you don’t know will happen, but for the first time I’m not as anxious. It’s always an adventure in the life Bee.

How you doin’ 2016.

Here’s to you and the adventures that await.

xoxo ♥

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