The Reptile Man

“Things turn out best for the people who make the best out of the way things turn out.” – Art Linkletter

Every year there is a host family day that is held by our area directors, inviting the au pairs as well as their host families. To celebrate the program, and the families within the program.

There is usually some entertainment provided for the kids, this year they brought back the reptile man with all his very creepy looking friends. I did touch some of those slimy creatures, with trembling hands might I add.

Itsumi, this weird best friend of mine, is in love with reptiles, she looked like a little kid in a candy store with a credit card. It’s weird how she thinks snakes are cute but freaks out when she sees worms and caterpillars.

I got to hold a baby gator, she had really gorgeous eyes, as big as mine, and it snuggles up into you. If it weren’t for its scaly texture, it would have made the perfect snuggle buddy.

The weather was horrific, disgusting and all the other yucky words you can think of and getting out of there and back into the house was such a pleasure.

Summer is basically over now, meh.

xoxo ♥

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