The Road Trip: Day 5

“The most beautiful thing in the world is, of course, the world itself.” – Wallace Stevens

After an eventful week of early mornings, wondrous sights, breathtaking adventure and scrumptious food, we were at our last stop of the trip. Seaside is a huge tourist attraction, a little town in Oregon, quirky and full of random people.

After a gigantic breakfast in a very vintage looking pancake house we took a walk around the town, watching all the interesting people and all the bright colored activities around us. 

In the middle of the town and the sea was a huge statue and american flag, there is definitely some historical stuff happening there but it was pretty cold and I kind of just wanted to be warm that I forgot my love for history and what not.

One last thing before we headed back to Seattle, was to have an Elephant ear. It’s basically just fried dough in the shape of an elephant’s ear. I was just as confused as you must have been reading that.

A few more hours till we’re back in Seattle, I cannot contain my relief, I need my own bed.

xoxo ♥

Published by Bianca Emmanuel

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3 thoughts on “The Road Trip: Day 5

  1. I nearly cried from laughing so hard at your comment “I was just as confused as you must have been reading that,” about the elephant ear. They are quite tasty if you like flakey baked goods, don’t you think?

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