The Road Trip: Day 4

“Every one of a hundred thousand cities around the world has its own sunset and it was worth going there, just once, if only to see the sun go down,” – Ryu Murakami

My day consisted of restricting any blood flow to my legs and the sound of two very bored 8 year old girls whining.

We spent our day in the car, barely any stops and frankly I might have been having my 50th dream if we did actually stop. I was tired and kind of in pain – because being a woman, you go through a very frustrating thing each month for a couple days, I happen to be a woman and I was in pain because of it.

If you happen to be too young to understand any of my rant, that’s great, if I’ve terrified your pretty little mind, then I would probably run to mom right now, MOM!!!!! SOS!!!

I happened to stumble upon a new state today, Oregon. Lots of interesting movies were shot here, like Twilight, remember that? What an interesting phase that was for most of us. The trees made it very familiar, driving up that way made me seriously thirsty for blood, I’m afraid if we stay here any longer I might grow some fangs.

I’m not sure if being a Cullen type of vampire is a good or bad thing.

xoxo ♥

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