The Road trip: Day 2

“My favorite thing to do is to go where I’ve never been.” – Diane Arbus

Bright and early was very correct, I had woken up too early than I needed to and couldn’t go back to sleep.

We started of with breakfast and then got in the car making our way to our next stop, looking for cool places to stop along the way.

We drove to this really cool cave, it looked pretty cool, if only I had on, I don’t know, something that wasn’t shorts. Have you ever watched that creepy movie called The Fog? It was all fog where we were, hiking up a hill that if you moved a little too far on your left, you’d be eating stones, and landing in cold rock infested water.

Our next stop was Avila Valley Barn, fresh fruit, goats to feed and a very attractive guy in plaid, blue jeans and dirty boots. (If my boyfriend is reading this, I’m probably never gonna hear the end of this)

Finally, back in the car to our last stop. This is what I was most excited for, it’s something with rich history, old, beautiful. Everything that I love, I was about to see something in that caliber.

Hearst Castle:

A beautiful home owned by the Hearst family from 1865, it was glorious walking through such a beautiful historic place like that. Looking at how they lived, how fancy dinner time must have been and enjoyed the company of so many. The likes of Charlie Chaplin, Winston Churchill and so many others walked these paths, and watched movies in the indoor theatre.

Such intricate details, so much effort went into every nook and cranny of this place, I felt intoxicated, I’m not even going to hide the fact that such beauty was emotionally overwhelming for me. BIG NERD ALERT – I know okay!

After such beauty we drove up and over a bridge that is the most photographed: BIG SUR. Very cool indeed, probably not as cool as the castle, but cool.

My pillow just whispered in my ear, I should probably listen to the advice and get some rest.

xoxo ♥

[To learn more about the Hearst Caste, please go to the ‘writings’ category on the menu bar. Thank you]

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