The City Of Angels

‘In Los Angeles, everyone is a star.’ – Denzel Washington

It’s true, just like New York gives you an indescribable ability to dream higher than the cities tallest buildings, LA makes you feel important. It must be because you’re constantly feeling like you could bump into someone famous at any moment, I’ve been told that happens.

A little bit of a drive but I saw an arrow pointed to the north east with the words LOS ANGELES right next to it, some of my favorite tv shows and movies are made here, well basically almost everything is made here. Crazy traffic, and crazier drivers, everyone was eager to get somewhere. An interview, maybe even an audition – the possibilities are endless.

Our hotel was a few minutes from Burbank – you know, that place a few miles from hollywood, yeah the one where a number of media headquarters are located. ok, if you aren’t remotely excited by the thought of being there we need to get your life checked.

Everything I did felt pretty amazing, from driving through downtown to eating chinese at a very well hidden chinese restaurant. All those palm trees seemed so magical, gigantic billboards hanging from the sky at every corner, and very attractive people with their fancy outfits – like they literally reached into their computer screens on those cool outfit accounts on Tumblr and snatched different clothing items and put it on their bodies. It’s slightly intimidating but so fascinating to watch.

The air in LA must have some kind of crazy magic, I’m mesmerized by all her chaos.

xoxo ♥

Published by Bianca Emmanuel

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