The Strip

‘Las Vegas is a 24-hour city. It never stops.’ – Eli Roth

One of the many benefits of being here is getting to explore the country with friends.

Given the fact that I am underage in the U.S. meant that I was taking a look around so I was prepared for the next time.

Besides being completely sick the whole weekend, I got to explore a new city and I got to spend my weekend with best friend Itsumi.

The Strip is exciting and also confusing. Thousands of people walking up and down, taking photos and dodging other people’s shoulders. Vegas is one of those places where you need to be friendly but also watch your back. I spent one afternoon walking alone, some me ‘travel’ time. the best time it was, but it could have been terrifying.

There are hundreds of guys giving out free passes to clubs, free for the ladies, I happen to be a lady, so I was hauled into lots of talks about how fun Vegas could be if only I visited this particular place. What’s great about being underage is you can dodge stuff like that, until they offer you their cell number so that they can help your underage butt get in. I was not interested in being vulnerable and making myself a target in a city so unfamiliar, but 10 promoters in, I made a new friend with one of them – possibly God sent. We’ll call him Gabe.

Walking back to my hotel, I was approached by yet another promoter, only this guy wasn’t giving out free passes but weed and other substances that could possibly kill me. If it weren’t for my friendly nature this random guy would have probably continued following me all the way to my hotel. Gabe happened to be working that area and noticed my errrm predicament and walked over to us to get the guy to leave me alone. Cheers to Gabe for that.

There’s a story in every city, but that’s what makes travel exciting – all the little stories, good and bad.

Thank you Vegas, you’ve been captivating, see you so soon.

xoxo ♥

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