Au pair requirements & choosing an agency

As with any job, there are requirements you must fulfill before you get the job. This is the same with being an au pair, you can’t JUST BECOME AN AU PAIR. There are age requirements and restrictions, as well as a minimum amount of childcare hours. Depending on the agency you choose, some requirements might not be needed or there may be additional requirements.


Requirements before you start your application with your chosen agency:

  • You must be between the ages of 18 and 26
  • Have a drivers license If you have older kids, you will probably be driving them around and will need an international license. In order to get a license abroad, you must have one from your own country
  • Have a minimum of 200 hours recent child care experience (this is non-family, practical childcare within the past 3 years)Obviously, you must have experience working with children and it helps to have more than 200 hours!
  • Are a high school graduate (matric certificate for South Africans)As with any job, an education is required!
  • Speak English to a good standardThis is to ensure you understand instructions pertaining to your work and schedule but you will be able to take English classes to improve your English, and chances are you will make friends who will help you too!
  • Have no criminal recordObviously. #safety
  • Have no spouse or dependents
  • A passportAs with any travel, VISA information will be available through your agency.

The above requirements are necessary before you begin your application.


You want to be a part of an agency who have your best interest at heart, as well as the families in the program. In a lot of countries, there will be a local agency that works together with the international agency. I used a company in South Africa and they were affiliated with my current agency abroad.

Take your time choosing an agency, take into consideration how long they have been around, look up reviews and testimonials from past au pairs.

Here are some agencies you could look up:





*Please do extensive research on each agency as I have no personal experience with most of them, your safety should always be your priority.

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