The Pumpkin Hunt

“Only the knife knows what goes on in the heart of a pumpkin.” – Simone Schwarz-Bart

I’ve been in Seattle for a day and a half, it feels like an eternity. The key to dealing with a transition like this is to keep busy, it so happens that I arrived when the girls’ schedule was pretty darn full. I wasn’t complaining, it was great being so distracted that I didn’t think of home and how I am 10000 miles away from it.

Today I got to experience something brand new, a custom I have only witnessed in movies, with Halloween around the corner, it was time to prepare and one of the most exciting things to do is carve pumpkins. The ideas are endless and the process, well, nothing like I imagined.

Seattle didn’t hold back on letting me witness her personality, it rained constantly, a mere drizzle, like Chinese torture, you feel it against your face but you barely see it. The pumpkin patch was layered in an extravagant carpet of mud, and the boots I had on was the worst idea one could ever have. It was pretty obvious I was not from around here.

Carlene turned the car around and bought me long rain boots, thank goodness. We walked across the field searching for the perfect pumpkin for whatever we had in mind as an end product. Pumpkins scattered across the field making it more of a workout than anything else.

There were huge bright orange pumpkins, tiny white ones, green ones and pale orange ones. Some squashed ones too, disgusting looking ones those.

There it was, a huge orange pumpkin, it was like love at first sight.

After dinner, we placed our pumpkins on the kitchen table, after choosing our pictures that we will trace on our pumpkins. All those pumpkin guts flying around made me glad I put on an old tshirt. I had pumpkin guts all the way up my arm.

At the end, it was worth it. I had successfully carved my first pumpkin.

IMG_3303My first pumpkin.

xoxo ♥

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