The Emerald City

“I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.” – Mary Anne Radmacher

3 hour delay, 6 hour flight, a belly of butterflies as well as excitement. That was what how the journey to my new home began.

After saying goodbye to the many new friends I made in New York, I got on a plane to Seattle. I knew this was going to be life altering, this is what I spent a year preparing for – to be in this moment.


So usually au pairs for the Merlino’s arrive in Summer. I arrived in Winter, just my luck. I hate the cold, and well I got to Seattle and it was freezing cold. My red nose must have looked suspicious, my chapped lips formed into a smile, an awkward one. I met my host kids (Madison & Makenna) – they’re twins, and no I seriously cannot tell them apart right now, this should be fun. My host mom Carlene is as amazing as I imagined. Our Skype calls definitely did not do any justice to her, she’s so sweet, and I immediately felt like I was home.

The drive from the airport to ‘home’ was a little longer than I imagined but it took us through the city. All the tall buildings lit up making the pitch black sky seem non existent and then… I saw it, the one thing I knew would captivate me, a reminder of what is actually happening in this very moment – The Space Needle. Like The Empire State Building is what makes the New York Skyline what it is, the Space Needle does that for Seattle. My eyes widened and I swear there was a song ringing in my ears, so loud it overshadowed Meghan Trainor’s voice on the radio.

Seattle, years from now, my love for you will be as if we were never once strangers.

xoxo ♥

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